The whole is always greater than the sum of the parts.



This is the premise of holism - a concept that generated the term holistic, so greatly spread but little explained. The theme is really broad.


We could spend hours talking about what holistic means for you and what it is for me. The thing is, each of us knows better which parts form our own whole.


Is that complexity that makes me love my work the most.

Each client It's a different story, a particular universe.


Each life has a style, a meaning, an essence, a whole with a purpose that is always better expressed when all the parts are in balance.


First, set your house in order.



My job is to facilitate a lifestyle change. By aligning body, mind and essence, we are able to promote inner revolutions, arouse desired behaviors and promote the transformations we desire, whether within us or around us.

The body is our first home, and it needs to be comfortable for us, it needs to welcome us. In my work, I start here for physical well-being.

By adopting healthy eating habits, your body operates at its best.

The Whole Food Plant Based diet s my main tool in this process.

If the body works well, the mind works better.



With the house in order, we can focus our energy on other key areas that impact our well being. How we relate to ourselves and to the world determines our life experience. 

Living a life aligned with our truth and respecting who we are is for me

the most important pillar of a balanced life.

Each life has a style, a meaning, a whole with its own balance. Using tools like coaching methodology, breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness, essential oils I facilitate

the process of you getting closer to your essence.


Christine Waltermyer


I had the pleasure and honor of working with Giovana Vommaro. She is a true inspiration to me, sharing her gift of nourishing, delicious cooking on her blog. Not only is she helping countless people to discover that healthy cooking can be super tasty and satisfying, but she also makes it fun. I love her writing style, depth of knowledge and gorgeous food photography that makes my mouth water every time.Thank you Giovana, for being a creative culinary force in the world, helping us to be healthier, happier and inspired by your example of beautiful living.

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