I am Giovana Vommaro, naturopath and specialist in holistic nutrition. I am also a mentor in transitioning to a more conscious diet that is good for you and the planet.


I always tell people I mentor that each one has to choose their battles, their habits, their causes, all according to their own truth. What I can say categorically is that knowledge transforms and information sets us free.


It is never good to choose something you don't like just because they said it will do you good. It hardly goes. If your body doesn't want to, it's not worth insisting on. In fact, it is not recommended. No one is as sincere with you as your own body. Do you know how to hear it?


It complains, thanks, suffers with your exaggerations and strange recipes to mold it to the demands of others.


The media makes the pattern, the packaging tells you to eat more fiber, the yogurt label reminds you of calcium, the magazine says that the egg is the villain. Meanwhile, fast food chains and pharmaceutical companies have their profits proportionally exponentially.


What was the point in history when real food is no longer the main dish in our society?


My job is to rescue the real food and make it a protagonist on our table again.


My time in the food industry was enough to understand the process behind the industrialized foods. Processed or ultra-processed food is only good for the pockets of those who sell it.


If something I talked about resonates with your will or the way you think about food; if you want a healthy life, with more well-being and tranquility in relation to what you eat, I’m glad you got here.


We certainly have a lot to exchange ;)

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