Tomato Fest Salad

Holy Moses, how I love tomatoes! Tomatoes whatever: baked, grilled, stuffed, peeled, with salt, raw, boiled… But this time it needed a next level salad for it's own.

Here’s a recipe for this salad that's so dope that it’s a worthy steal from the shared fridge at work. You’ve been warned.

What it takes?

  • 10 yellow tomatoes

  • 15 cherry tomatoes (or another type of small and sweet tomatoes)

  • 15 black olives

  • fresh basil

  • fresh salvia

  • powdered onion

  • balsamic vinegar (at least around 50 ml)

  • freshly grated black pepper

  • salt to taste

Here, no need to google, basil and salvia.


  1. Wash all the tomatoes and cut them in 4 pieces. Cut the olives and mix them with the tomatoes.

  2. In a bowl, add the vinegar with the powdered onion and pepper and whisk everything together. Combine it with the tomatoes and give it a mix.

  3. Take your fresh herbs and cut them finely. If you have one of those smart scissors make your move.

  4. Add the herbs to the tomatoes and give it a mix. Move to another city and don't tell anyone so you don't need to share it.

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