Aussie Veggies

Look, I’ll be dead serious now and spit it out: Vegemite (or Marmite) does not taste good. You gotta me strong to eat a Vegemite and jam sandwich. But I guarantee this marinate made with Vegemite will make you sing Men at Work while eating your veggies. (got it? "I said, "Do you speak-a my language?" He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich”…ok, never mind).

For those unfamiliar, Vegemite is a yeast paste with an intense salty taste. More like a salty dark beer jam. BUT, it contains vitamin B12 (and some others) and, why not, works really well in adding flavor to your vegan BBQ.

Why does this marinade work?

One, because the vegetables release water while marinating, softening the Vegemite taste and making the marinade almost sweet. Two, because we ninja-ed the choice of vegetables, picking either sweet or neutral tasting ones.

You can also pick other vegetable combos, add mushrooms, onion and garlic to the mix. Try everything!

What does it take?

  • Wooden BBQ skewers

  • ½ yellow bell pepper

  • 1 medium sweet potato

  • 1 zucchini

  • Some cherry tomatoes

  • 1 tsp. Vegemite

  • 1/8 cup agave syrup (30 ml)

  • 2 tbsp. olive oil

  • Powdered onion

  • Salt and pepper to taste

Men at Work:

  1. Wash the vegetables well. Chop the pepper in cubes and the zucchini and sweet potato in thick slices (1,5 cm approx.). Cook only the potato for 5 minutes in steam.

  2. Whisk together the vegemite, agave syrup, olive oil and powdered onion in a bowl. You’ll get a creamy sauce with a strong taste, but don’t worry, all is well!

  3. Put the potato and the zucchini together with the other veggies in the bowl and stir them well, making sure every piece is covered in the marinade. Leave it to marinate at least 15 minutes. While you wait, heat the oven at 200°C.

  4. Assemble the skewers interweaving different veggies. Pour a bit more marinade on top and put them in the oven, on a baking tray, for 15 minutes.

  5. This step is optional: if you have a grill pan or an actual grill, roast the skewers while they are still warm for 10 to 15 minutes.

  6. See your veggies disappear between your mates at the barbie.

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